Student Group Memberships

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All students once enrolled at Swansea University are automatically given membership of Swansea University Students' Union. This membership gives students access to our student groups, services, resources, discounts and more. Student group memberships have some similarities and differences which it's important to understand. 

The SU's whole website is centered around memberships and lists to grant us, and you as student group leaders, a better picture of who our student body is and how they interact. 

What is a Membership

By having a membership, a user will be categorized into a new list of everyone within that membership. Some memberships are automatic upon registering at University, such as age range or nationality. Some memberships are updated on an annual basis, such as year of study. Some memberships need to be opted into, such as a club or society membership.

Being a part of a membership list will grant additional access and permissions, such as the ability to purchase particular products, be able to vote in elections, and access other tools. It also makes you subject to relevant rules and codes of conduct. 

Data is key, so it's important that members of student groups purchase their memberships each year so that they can participate in your group. Each student can only own one membership for any given group. Membership should be purchased each year and is active from the date of purchase and expires in August. 

Types of Membership

Standard Membership - Standard membership is available to all students. Standard membership is valid from the date of purchase until August 31st of each year. To be a part of a student group students must continue to purchase this membership each year - this includes committee members. Standard membership allows students to be able to: 

  • Access restricted members-only products
  • Regularly attend socials and activities of the student group
  • Stand in student group elections
  • Vote in student group elections

Associate Membership - Associate membership is available to staff, alumni, and non-students. Associate membership cannot be costed lower than standard membership. Associate membership allows associates to be able to: 

  • Access restricted members-only products
  • Regularly attend socials and activities of the student group

How to get Membership

All you need to do to be a part of a student group is purchase a membership from their page on the SU website. For sports, there is also a requirement to purchase a Sport Swansea membership - this membership goes towards insurance, BUCS entries and travel, and website operating costs amongst other things. 

Some groups will still have additional top-up fees for competing or on a per session basis. It's important that this information is made clear on group webpages for prospective members.

If you want to find out more about joining a group, why not reach out to them on social media before purchasing membership.

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