Holding an Annual General Meeting (AGM)

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What is an AGM?

An Annual General Meeting, often referred to as an AGM, is a review and celebration of the last 12 months for a student group. All members of a groups should be invited to attend. Local sporting groups, charities, and community organizations do this too, so our sports clubs and societies are no different. 

Within an AGM the President/Chair of the group should give a report of the strategic successes, challenges, and direction of the group, and the Treasurer should give a report on the financial ingoing and outgoings of the club. It's a chance for the leaders of a student group to be transparent with their members about why certain choices have been made - Why was a certain sponsor chosen? What new equipment was purchased? Were teams relegated or promoted? Where is the headed?

Referenda and Motions

Any member can bring a motion (an idea for change), to an AGM. Usually these are brought forward by the committee, such as a change to the constitution or addition of a new role. Any member can bring a motion forward by writing to the group Secretary at least 2 days before the meeting. Or, a motion can be raised at the AGM without notice with the consent of two-thirds of the voting members present. 

The motion should be open for discussion and then be voted on by the any standard members - for, against, or abstain. If the motion is passed, the committee should follow through and work towards completing the motion as written. 

The Secretary should take minutes (official meeting notes) of the vote. 

Need help on writing a motion? Why not get in touch with us for advice.

Including Elections in AGMs

As group elections will take place online across multiple days or weeks, we'd recommend using an AGM as a platform for election candidates to speak and say why they're brilliant for the role, or as a place for the results to be announced. Groups have done both in the past, so whatever suits your group best is the way to go!

All election should be held via the SU website. You can find out more information in our other article - Running an Election for a Student Group

Make A Night Of It!

An AGM could be held in lecture room to get the formality sorted, but it's also a time of year to celebrate. It's optional, but many groups hold their AGM in tandem with a nice meal or a night out! 

A photo of the cheerleading club at their end of year meal. Many students are sat down in formal attire watching an award be handed out.

Why not book a room on campus for your AGM? Booking Rooms and Spaces on Campus

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