Role and Responsibilities of a President

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The President of a Swansea University student group holds a crucial leadership position responsible for the democratic, strategic, and administrative aspects of the group. This role involves lots of different skills and responsibility!

Democratic Leadership - The President acts as the democratic leader of the student group, representing the interests of its members. 

The President has the authority to make decisions with the committee and on behalf of members. They must consider diverse viewpoints, gather relevant information, and guide the group toward well-informed decisions that benefit the entire membership. They have the casting vote over any tied decision. 

Strategic Direction - The President plays a pivotal role in shaping the group's direction and goals. They work closely with other committee members to develop short-term and long-term goals, aligning these goals with the group's mission and the needs of its members. Will you aim to get promoted this year, or increase the number of social members? What do you want your group to be known for at the end of the year. 

Chairing Meetings - One of the President's primary responsibilities is to chair meetings. They set the agenda, maintain order and facilitate discussion and debate. They should work closely with the Secretary to ensure actions are laid out and followed up.  

If you’re not meeting as a committee regularly, you might want to schedule something in every few weeks.  

Disciplinary Action - In cases of member misconduct or violations of group policies, the President takes a role in following disciplinary actions, working alongside the committee. They ensure that disciplinary measures are fair, consistent, and aligned with the group and SU guidelines. 

Member Well-being - The President is responsible for fostering a positive and inclusive environment within the student group. They support the well-being of members by addressing concerns, encouraging participation, and promoting a sense of community. The President should be approachable and accessible to members seeking assistance or guidance. 

Financial Management - Collaborating closely with the Treasurer, the President participates in financial decision-making. They review and approve finance requests, ensuring that expenditures align with the group's budget and goals. 

Annual Report at AGM - At the end of their term, the President presents a comprehensive report during the Annual General Meeting. This report highlights the group's progress, achievements, challenges, and initiatives undertaken during their tenure. It serves as a reflection of the President's leadership and the group's overall performance. 

Communication and Networking - The President represents the student group to the university, external organizations, and other student groups. They should establish and maintain relationships with relevant stakeholders. 

Transition and Succession - As their term comes to an end, the President should ensure a smooth transition to the incoming committee. They provide guidance, share insights, and ensure that important knowledge is passed on to maintain continuity within the group. 

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