Freshers' Fayre

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What is Freshers' Fayre?

Freshers' Fayre is an annual event organized by the Swansea University Students’ Union to welcome new and existing students and introduce them to all the different clubs, societies, organisations, and services that are available at Swansea University. It takes place during ‘Freshers' Week’.

Different stalls and booths are set up by student-led societies, sports clubs, and local businesses. At Freshers' fayre you are able to go round the different stalls and chat to the different student groups - hopefully to find some that you fancy joining. The student groups will be able to give you lots of information about themselves and there will be sign-up opportunities to do ‘taster sessions’ and try out various activities. There are over 100 student groups at Swansea University including everything from Wild Swimming, Gardening, Canoeing and Gaming. There is something from everyone!

Freshers' Fayre gives you the opportunity to meet lots of different student groups, pick up some freebies from local businesses and engage with the SU.

A photo of a student speaking to two members of the Biochemistry and Genetics Society at the Freshers' Fayre.

How to run a good stall at Freshers’ Fayre?

Running a good stall at fresher’s fayre gives you a great opportunity to showcase all the benefits of your student group, create a positive impression and hopefully attract lots of new members.

Here are some tips to running a great stall:


  • Fill out the Freshers' Fayre booking form when it's made available
  • Plan early - you don’t want to leave it to the last minute and have a messy unprepared stall.
  • Eye-catching stall - make the stall as eye catching by possible
    • Displaying the name of your student group in big letters
    • Use fewer big pictures rather than many small pictures to display the main activities of your student group. 
    • Emphasise any big trips/or events that you carry out. 
    • Use lots of colour, especially if your student group has any particular colours in its logo. 
    • Display equipment and your cool uniform.
    • Make use of posters and banners
  • Engaging Materials - Prepare information materials such as QR codes or business cards, that link to your social media, leaflets and brochures that provide an overview of the student group and any taster sessions.
  • Taster sessions - Make sure your taster sessions are clearly displayed on the SU website and your social media channels and make it clear to individuals about how they can sign up to them.
  • Make a schedule - Organise your committee members so they take 2 hour or so slots at freshers’ fayre, so everyone can have a chance to promote your club at fresher’s fayre as well as getting a much-needed break. There will be an hour break for lunch each day.
  • Promote on social media - Promote the Freshers Fayre on your social media channels and your club website, let people know when and where the event is happening.
  • Request extra space - If you're bringing large pieces of equipment, be sure to include this in your stall booking form so that you aren't disappointed on the day when there isn't space for it.

Setting up:

  • Make sure at least a couple of your committee members are able to set up in the designated ‘set-up times’ (normally the evening before the fayre).
  • Bring anything you may need to the set up including but not limited to pictures, banners, posters, scissors, Sellotape, blue tac as well as any uniform or equipment you want to display.

On the day:

  • Make a schedule - Try to make sure two people are at your stall at any one time. Organise your committee members so they take 2 hour or so slots at freshers’ fayre, so everyone can have a chance to promote your club at fresher’s fayre as well as getting a much needed break. There will be an hour break for lunch each day.
  • Be proactive - Try to be as enthusiastic and approachable as you can be, a positive and welcoming attitude goes a long way in attracting new members. Remember to smile and say hi. It can be helpful to have some pre-set answers to questions that you commonly get asked to refer back to if you get stuck (such as what kind of activities do you do? When/Where do you meet? When are your taster sessions? What do I need to join? How much is membership?) If you don’t know the answer to a particular question, try and refer them to someone who may know (this may be on your student group's social media).
  • Promote - Promote the Freshers’ Fayre on your social media, encourage people to come and chat to you and ask questions. It can be a good idea to do a little video of ‘how to find us’ at the fayre and an ‘ask us any questions’ story.
  • Follow up - Collect contact information from interested students (could be a sign up sheet, a QR code link or taster session sign ups) and follow up with them after the Freshers Fayre. Send them personalized emails or invitations to upcoming events to maintain their interest and involvement.

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