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The Student Forums are how policy and key decisions get made at SUSU, and they’re run by students. At the Student Forum everyone has the opportunity to submit a motion for change.  

What is a motion?  

Motions are the most impactful way to bring about change in the Union and University. The topic of motions can encompass all things affecting students, from endorsing campaigns to how to spend the capital funds of the union. Some examples of changes that have been enacted based on the work of motions are the addition of a Welsh Affairs Officer and the removal of plastic straws in our venues.  


An idea is the first step to resolving an issue for students. Your idea should be supported by a handful of questions that your submission should aim to answer. This can be presented to any of your officers (FTOs and PTOs) or student leaders (sport exec, society exec, student rep, school reps) to help turn your idea into a formal motion. In order to present a persuasive or impactful argument it is important that the idea identifies something you want to change and a solution to the problem. The process of submitting an idea is easy, either submit an idea through our ideas platform or get in touch with your elected officers or student leaders to chat through any of your ideas.  

How to get from Idea to motion: 

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How to create a motion  

Once you’ve submitted your idea you need to start writing your formal motion, it is worth reaching out to your elected officers and/or student leaders for support. The formal motion needs to be sent to the Union Clerk two weeks before the date of the forum. Although motions can have an intense and profound impact, they are relatively simple to propose.  

There are three key elements to the motion proposal document:  

  • The Union notes: relevant and objective fact/needs about the motion. 
  • The Union Believes: what would happen if the relevant motion passes.  
  • The Union resolves: how to achieve the motion.  

All forums look slightly different but this example motion can be used as a guide:  

Title: The Motion to get a Union cat! 

Proposed by: Dai Davies 

Supported by: Bethan Jones 

The Union Notes: 

  1. That cats eat mice and sometimes iPhone chargers. 
  2. That cats are known to make good house-pets. 
  3. That the Union does not have a cat permanently living on its premises. 

The Union believes: 

  1. That a cat would add to the atmosphere of SUSU, especially if it’s in a hat. 
  2. That a cat in SUSU would ward off any uninvited guests. 
  3. That a cat would make people more likely to visit SUSU. 

The Union resolves: 

  1. To get in a cat, or some sort of feline. 
  2. To train the cat to become a vegetarian. 
  3. To call the cat Chairman Miaow. 

Idea to Motion to Policy Timeline: 

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If a motion passes all stages it will become union policy for three years. Policy is essentially a statement of intent: work we’re undertaking to make change and improve things for students. All policy at SUSU lasts three years; some can happen straight away; others might take months of lobbying to make progress. 

Submitting a motion

To submit a motion raise a ticket and follow this exact format by copy and pasting the text below to ensure you get it right first time. If the format is not fulfilled correctly or appropriately, you may be asked to rewrite and resubmit. We strongly encourage all students' wishing to submit a motion to reach out to us with your idea first so we can support you in writing an effective, efficient and impactful motion. 

Motion Title:

Proposed By:

Supported By: 

This Union Notes (250 word count limit)




This Union Believes (250 word count limit) 




This Union Resolves (250 word count limit)




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