What is a Part-Time Officer (PTO)?

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Part Time Officer's (PTOs) are student volunteers who are elected by students, there are 10 PTO's who represent different areas that students are affected by. These positions are undertaken alongside students' studies and are part-time and voluntary. 

As a Part-Time Officer it will be your responsibility to work as a team to help ensure that Swansea University Students’ Union empowers students to deliver change across the University. You will seek to identify and provide students with the services they require while campaigning to improve their experience on a national and local scale.  

The Part-Time Officer role is malleable to fit alongside your student life and academic responsibilities. The time expectations and input of an officer can be adjusted to as much as each candidate wishes to put into the role, from one hour to five hours a week. You will be paired with a Full-Time Officer as a support system to support you in your campaigning efforts and report your activities to the Student Voice Democracy Co-Ordinator as your effective Line Manager.   

Your key responsibility will be to ensure that the group you represent receives the support and services they require. In addition, you will, through research, communication, and campaigning, improve their overall experience. For all these roles you are required to self-identify as being a part of the relevant group to run in the elections.  

There are ten Part-Time Officer positions in total. Five Liberation Officer roles and five Executive Representative Officer roles. The roles are seen as crucial to the future development of the Union and are designed to allow you to continue with your studies whilst carrying out your role.   

There are 10 part-time officer positions available:  

Liberation Officers: 

Race Inclusion Officer 

The Race Inclusion Officer represents all students in a range of areas including academic affairs and social activities and promotes racial equity across the entire student body. You'll engage the student body with the Union and can represent the SU at NUS Conferences. 

To be the Race Inclusion Officer you must self-define as being from a Racial Minority Background. 

LGBT+ Officer  

You'll represent all LGBT+ students and raise awareness by campaigning on issues affecting LGBT+ students and the wider LGBT+ population. You'll also represent the Students’ Union at NUS LGBT+ Conference and NUS Wales LGBT+ Conference in the spring. 

To be an LGBT+ Officer, you must self-define as LGBT+. 

Students with Disabilities Officer      

You'll represent students with disabilities and raise awareness by campaigning on issues affecting students with disabilities. You'll also represent the Students’ Union at NUS Student with Disabilities Conference and NUS Wales Student with Disabilities Conference in the spring. 

To be the Disabilities Officer, you must self-define as having a disability. 

Women's Officer  

You'll represent all students who self-define as women and raise awareness by campaigning on issues affecting women. You can also represent the Students’ Union at NUS Conferences. 

To be the Women's Officer you must self-define as a woman. 

Trans and Non-Binary Awareness Officer  

You'll represent transgender and non-binary students and raise awareness by campaigning on issues affecting transgender and non-binary students and the wider population. 

Executive Representation Groups:  

Environment and Ethics Officer  

You'll campaign on environmental issues and help the Union maintain and improve its green credentials. You'll raise awareness, promote, and campaign on ethics issues within the Union and the University. 

General Secretary  

You'll be impartial and transparent and hold the Full-time Officers to account on behalf of the Part-time Officers and other students. 

International Officer  

You'll represent all international students and raise awareness by campaigning on issues that affect international students and the wider international population. 

A-Typical Experience Officer  

The A-Typical Experience officer represents all students who have an experience that wouldn’t be classed as the ‘typical’ student, such as ‘commuter students’ and ‘mature students’. The A-Typical Officer campaigns on any issues affecting students that are having an A-Typical experience and the wider student population.  

Postgraduate Officer  

As Postgraduate Officer, you represent all postgraduate taught and research programs to campaign on any issues affecting them and the wider student population. 

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