What is a Full-Time Officer (FTO)?

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Full-Time Officers (FTOs) are a group of six elected student leaders who work together to lead the Student’s Union for a year. They set the strategic direction of the SU which is influenced by their manifesto pledges. They are a key point of contact for any student encountering difficulties at Swansea and can help students to enact the changes they want to see in the University. 

The FTO’s become the friendly faces of the SU. They get to attend conferences and awards, as well as acting as spokespeople for national TV, radio, and print. 

As the SUSU is a charity, the FTO’s become trustees to ensure that our actions are legal and financially viable. The Union’s Trustees Board is made up of FTO’s and 3 external trustees. The trustees sit in important meetings, oversee the business elements and make sure everything we do is in the best interest of our students.  

Most importantly, the FTO’s represent over 20,000 students in decision-making within the SU and the University. 

The FTO’s have a salary of over £20,000 anthey’re a great position for anyone graduating or anyone who wants to take a year out from their studies. The FTO’s are elected-in by students in the SU Spring elections.  

Here’s a brief description of the role of each FTO:  

  • President: The President takes charge of issues concerning students, acting as the primary point of contact and public face for Swansea Union. Alongside addressing unexpected challenges promptly, the President engages in diverse tasks ranging from nationwide campaigns to collaborating with the University on campus initiatives. This role oversees the Union's governance and democracy, guaranteeing its functionality for the betterment of members while upholding and adapting democratic structures. 
  • Education Officer: The Education Officer leads the Education Zone of the Students' Union. They lead the Education Committee, composed of College Representatives, and collaborate with Subject Representatives. Together, they organize training and representation efforts with subject and college representatives. This Officer also spearheads academic campaigns and events, aiming to enhance the academic experience and foster strong relationships with staff and Student Reps across University colleges. 
  • Sports OfficerThe Sports Officer, represents and support sports clubs, their members and all students interested in sports. They participate in the Sport Swansea committee, shaping the sports strategy at the University's core. The Officer collaborates with the Sport Swansea team and Sports Executive to facilitate student sports activities, including involvement in BUCS and the Sports Awards. They contribute to the Varsity Board and other groups for Sporting Corporate events, striving to optimize these events for athletes and students. 
  • Societies and Services Officer: The Societies and Service Officer, provides support and representation for all of our societies and oversees the services that we provide. The Societies and Services Officer explores new avenues for students, maximizing current activities for an enriched experience. Leading the Society Executive committee, this Officer influences decisions on society operations. Additionally, they ensure the development of desired student services, emphasizing value for money, transparency in resource allocation, and inclusive decision-making. 
  • Welfare Officer: The Welfare Officer extends support and representation to all students, raising awareness about potential risks and available assistance. They offer guidance to students engaged in international programs like Erasmus and contribute to the SAS Management Board, fostering student-focused improvements in housing. The Welfare Officer maintains a strong partnership with the Advice & Support Centre, ensuring students are well-informed about available services and identifying campaign topics and objectives. 
  • Welsh Affairs Officer: The Welsh Affairs officer is responsible for maintaining Welsh Language Standards, promoting Welsh culture, and ensuring fair representation of the Welsh student community, the Welsh Affairs Officer plays a vital role. They collaborate on events that celebrate the Welsh language and culture, ensuring adherence to standards within University and Union content. This Officer also engages closely with the Welsh student community, ensuring their voices are heard and needs are met. 

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