Election FAQs (candidates)

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Q1: What's the big deal about the 2024 Elections? 

A: The 2024 Elections are a chance for students like you to choose who represents them in the Union. It's like picking the leaders of your student community! 


Q2: how do i make the elections a success? 

A: It's all about you, the candidates! If you can convince your fellow students to vote for you, you're on the right track. We want the elections to be fun, friendly, and get as many people voting as possible. 


Q3: What are the main rules I need to know? 

A: There are different sections of rules, but the main principles are fairness and making sure everyone can participate. The Union has a referee (Returning Officer) to make sure things are fair. The success of the elections depends on you getting involved and making the process accessible for all students. 


Q4: What if I break the rules? 

A: Breaking the rules might have consequences, like being disqualified from the election. The rules are here to keep things fair, so it's important to follow them. 


Q5: Can I campaign with my friends? 

A: You can campaign with others, but forming official teams (slates) isn't allowed. Keep it friendly and fair. 


Q6: How do I become a candidate? 

A: Be a registered student when nominations close, nominate yourself, and attend a briefing. You also need to submit a manifesto – a document that introduces you and outlines what you want to do if elected. 


Q7: Do I need to speak Welsh? 

A: It's encouraged, but not required. If you use both Welsh and English in your materials, that's great! Just make sure everything is bilingual. 


Q8: When can I start campaigning? 

A: You can start telling people about your plans after nominations close (soft campaigning). For the real deal (active campaigning), wait until a specific date mentioned in the rules. 


Q9: How much money can I spend on my campaign? 

A: There's a limit based on the position you're running for. Full-Time Officer Candidates get £75, and Part-Time Officer Candidates get £30. Keep track of your spending and provide receipts. 


Q10: What if I have a complaint? 

A: If you think someone is not playing fair, submit a complaint with evidence. There are rules in place to make sure everyone follows the game. 


Q11: Why are there so many rules? 

A: Rules keep things fair and ensure everyone has a chance. It's like playing a game – we need rules to make sure it's fair for everyone involved. 


Q12: What happens if I don't follow the rules? 

A: If you don't follow the rules, you might be disqualified from the election. It's important to play by the rules to keep things fair for everyone. 

Q13: Can I use social media for my campaign? 

A: Yes, you can use social media, but wait until the specified date for active campaigning. Keep it friendly, and don't spam people too early. 


Q14: What if someone harasses me during the campaign? 

A: Harassment is not okay. If someone bothers you, let the Election Team know. Everyone should feel safe and respected. 


Q15: Can I get my friends to help with my campaign? 

A: Absolutely! It's a team effort. But remember, you're responsible for what your team does, so keep it positive and fair. 


Q16: Why do we need manifestos? 

A: Your manifesto is like your game plan. It's a chance to tell everyone who you are and what you want to achieve if you get elected. Make it catchy and convincing! 


Q17: What if I don't speak English or Welsh very well? 

A: No worries! Do your best. If you need help with translations, ask for support before the deadline. 


Q18: How do I know if I'm breaking any rules? 

A: Read the guidelines, attend briefings, and check your emails. The Election Team might also make announcements during the campaign, so stay tuned! 


Q19: Can I put up posters everywhere? 

A: Be mindful of where you put up posters. Follow the rules – don't cover existing notices, and don't use sticky tack on fire doors! 


Q20: Why can't we endorse candidates in certain groups? 

A: To keep things fair, endorsements in specific groups are not allowed. We want everyone to have an equal chance. 


Q21: What happens if I spend more money than allowed? 

A: Stick to your budget! If you overspend or try to be sneaky, you might be disqualified. Keep track of your receipts. 


Q22: Why do we have to declare if we've been disciplined by the Union? 

A: Transparency is key. If you've had issues with the Union before, it might affect your eligibility. Be honest and let everyone know. 


Q23: Why do I need to attend briefings? 

A: Briefings give you important info. Missing out might mean you're not fully prepared. Attend or send an apology if you can't make it. 


Q24: How do I vote? 

A: Once campaigning is done, you can vote online. Check the dates, log in, and make your voice heard! 


Remember, elections are a chance for positive change. Play fair, respect others, and enjoy the process! If you have more questions, reach out to the Election Team through the Helpdesk. 

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