Elections FAQs (Student Staff)

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Q1: Can student staff run for FTO positions? 

A: Absolutely! Any student, including student staff, has the right to run for Full-Time Officer (FTO) positions. It's a chance to actively contribute to the Union's direction. 


Q2: Are student staff allowed to express support for specific candidates? 

A: While on shift or acting as Union representatives, student staff should remain neutral. However, as individual students, they retain the right to run for office or support their friends' campaigns. 


Q3: How can student staff contribute to the election process? 

A: Student staff, as Union representatives, play a crucial role in promoting the elections. Share information, encourage discussions, and be supportive of customers expressing interest in the elections. 


Q4: How can student staff stay informed about key election details? 

A: Attend briefings and training sessions to learn about important election aspects. Stay informed about key dates, terminology (like Single Transferable Vote - STV), and other relevant information. 


Q5: What is Single Transferable Vote (STV)? 

A: STV is a voting system that allows voters to rank candidates in order of preference. It ensures that votes are used effectively and helps elect candidates who have broad support. 


Q6: Can I share election materials on social media? 

A: Yes, you can! However, make sure to follow the rules and only share materials that align with the Union's guidelines. Remember, active campaigning on social media starts on a specified date. 


Q7: How can I address customer questions about the elections? 

A: Be informed! Attend training sessions and read materials provided by the Election Team. If you're unsure about something, direct customers to official resources or contact the Election Team for clarification. 


Q8: Can I wear campaign materials while on shift? 

A: It's generally recommended to maintain a neutral appearance during work hours. However, during designated active campaigning periods, you may wear campaign materials, ensuring they comply with Union guidelines. 


Q9: What should I do if I witness a potential violation of election rules? 

A: Report it! If you see any actions that might violate election rules, inform the Election Team promptly. They will investigate and take necessary actions to ensure a fair process. 


Q10: Is there any training available for understanding election terminology? 

A: Yes! Attend training sessions offered by the Election Team. They will cover key terminology, dates, and other important details to help you better understand the electoral process. 


Q11: Can I talk to customers about my personal views on the candidates? 

A: While on shift, it's advisable to remain neutral. However, as an individual student, you have the right to express your personal views outside of work hours and work-related activities. 


Q12: How can I encourage my peers to vote without being biased? 

A: Focus on promoting participation! Share information about the importance of voting and the impact it has on student representation. Avoid endorsing specific candidates during work hours. 


Q13: What happens during the Candidate Briefing? 

A: The Candidate Briefing provides essential information for candidates, including key dates, rules, and guidelines. Attending this session ensures they are well-prepared for the election process. 


Q14: Can student staff members become Election Team members? 

A: Absolutely! If you're interested in being more involved, inquire about opportunities to join the Election Team. It's a great way to contribute to the fairness and transparency of the electoral process. 


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