Elections FAQs (Full-time Staff)

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Q1: Why are the FTO positions crucial for the Union? 

A: Full-Time Officers (FTOs) play a vital role as representatives and trustees of the Union. They shape the direction of the Union and have a significant impact on decisions and policies. 


Q2: How will the FTOs influence the Union's governance? 

A: FTOs act as trustees, contributing to governance decisions that affect the Union's operations, finances, and overall direction. Their decisions have a direct impact on the student community. 


Q3: Why is it essential for staff to pay attention to the elections? 

A: Staff should be engaged in the election process as the elected FTOs will be key players in the Union's governance. Their decisions will affect the working environment, policies, and overall functioning of the Union. 


Q4: Can staff members be involved in the election process? 

A: While staff members don't run for FTO positions, they can stay informed, attend candidate briefings, and encourage a supportive environment during the election period. However, direct involvement is limited to students. 


Q5: How does the election of FTOs impact day-to-day operations? 

A: FTOs influence policies and strategies that shape the Union's day-to-day operations. Their decisions can impact staff roles, resources, and the overall working atmosphere. 


Q6: Are staff allowed to endorse or support specific candidates? 

A: Staff members are expected to remain neutral during elections. Publicly endorsing or supporting specific candidates may create a conflict of interest. It's essential to maintain a fair and impartial stance. 


Q7: How can staff support a smooth election process? 

A: Staff can support by providing necessary information, ensuring a neutral workplace environment, and encouraging students to participate in the election process. Upholding a culture of respect and fairness is crucial. 


Q8: What happens if a staff member has concerns about the election process? 

A: If a staff member has concerns, they should communicate directly with the Election Team or relevant authorities. It's important to address issues promptly to ensure a fair and transparent process. 


Q9: How will the elected FTOs work with the Union's staff? 

A: Elected FTOs will collaborate with Union staff in various capacities. Regular communication and collaboration will be crucial to achieving common goals and ensuring the smooth functioning of the Union. 


Q10: How can staff members stay informed about election developments? 

A: Staff members can stay informed by attending briefings, reading official communications, and checking updates from the Election Team. Regular updates will be provided to ensure everyone is aware of important developments. 


Q11: How does the election process impact the Union's overall governance structure? 

A: The election of FTOs significantly influences the Union's governance structure. They become part of the Trustee Board, shaping decisions that impact the Union's long-term strategies, financial health, and overall governance. 


Q12: Why is transparency important during the election process? 

A: Transparency ensures that all stakeholders, including staff, have confidence in the election process. It promotes trust in the elected officials and contributes to a healthy governance environment. 

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