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Before the current committee leaves their time in post, they should update the handover document for their position and have a meeting (or several) with the committee that are taking on the role next year. 

A well-executed handover can make a world of difference for an incoming committee. It offers essential support as they navigate their new roles and safeguards the knowledge accumulated during your tenure, preventing it from being lost at the year's end. This article serves as your guide to constructing a robust handover.

All handover documents should look different as they are customised to each committee position and each student group.  However, they should all include the following:  

  • The key responsibilities of the role. 
  • A timeline of events or activities that they may need to run/assist with throughout the year.
  • Any tips or advice that you would have found helpful in the role.

The more detailed you make the handover document and your handover meetings the more likely the person succeeding you is going to do well and carry on all your great work. 

Considerations before handing over

Before considering your handover, you must ensure that the incoming committee has been democratically elected, in-line with the correct procedures outlined by the Union. For further information please refer to here: Running an Election for a Student Group or email: 

Creating a Handover Document

A Handover Document provides invaluable insight in assisting new committee members long after your departure. It compiles a record of your year's accomplishments, examining both successes and challenges. This ensures that incoming committee members don't start from scratch and can learn from and build on your experiences.

Feel free to structure your Handover Document as you see fit, but we recommend using a Google Document. This choice allows multiple individuals to access and edit the document concurrently, facilitating updates from one year to the next.

Key Elements for Inclusion in a Handover Document:

  • Comprehensive role descriptions and well defined responsibilities. 
  • Key contacts within the SU and the University, as well as any externally such as venues, sponsors, venues, transport, etc. You may also want to introduce them to the helpdesk and any relevant articles for your Student Group such as Room Bookings, using the finance system etc.
  • Catalogue of events, socials or fundraising activities organized throughout the year, along with plans and insight into how they were organised, and an evaluation of what went well and what could be improved encompassing organizational insights and areas of improvement 
  • Usernames and passwords for email, social media and website plus any other pertinent accounts. The SU can help with resetting logins and passwords for emails and the SU website account account, however, social media is the responsibility of the outgoing committee to pass on.
  • Group-specific information. 
  • A calendar of key periods and events for the academic year for your Student Group. This could include information such as Election and AGM periods, showcases or key termly events, competition dates etc.


Officially, new committee members assume control of your Student Group on the 1st of July (this may be a earlier in the year for some healthcare student groups), although they might gain access slightly earlier to prepare for the upcoming academic year. Upon the outcome of their election, new members can begin shadowing the existing committee, and start learning the ropes on what leading a student group involves. 

During the shadowing period, you might want to consider the following actions:

  • Extend invitations to new Committee members for Committee Meetings and any other relevant gatherings 
  • Involve new Committee members in event and activity planning 
  • Support new Committee members in leading regular sessions or activities 
  • Show the incoming President & Treasurer how to use the SGF system. 
  • Introduce new committee members to SU Staff, University Staff, sponsors, venues, coaches, etc. 
  • Point new Committee to the direction of our Knowledge Base on the Helpdesk. This should give a step-by-step step guide on how to operate within Union processes. This can be accessed here: Knowledge Base

Core Documents

Each year, these core documents must be handed over to the new committee and submitted to the Students' Union.

  • Constitution

This agreement outlines your Society's affiliation with the SU. It requires annual approval at the AGM, with any amendments promptly updated and resubmitted. Familiarising new committee members with this document upon joining helps them understand Society Aims and Objectives, Committee Roles, and more. For further information you can check out this article: Students Groups' Constitution 

  • Equipment Inventory

A roster of Society-owned equipment and its estimated value. Since all equipment owned by the Society is also the property of the Students' Union, it's covered by our insurance. The inventory facilitates this process and aids new committee members in tracking Society equipment. You can utilize our template to create your inventory. If your Society possesses no equipment, we still need a blank template with your Society's name for acknowledgement. You can find the blank Inventory template attached.

  • Society Financial Plan

This document outlines three primary aims for the Society in the upcoming academic year. These objectives should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound (SMART), alongside the necessary steps for achievement. Additionally, it provides a projection of your society budget for the year. Collaborate with both the incoming and outgoing committees to craft this document, capitalizing on the wisdom of experience. This living document will be discussed with your coordinator each semester. You can find the blank Society Financial Plan template attached.

  • General Risk Assessment 

Covering regular Society activities, this risk assessment is essential. While each Society activity demands its own risk assessment, a comprehensive assessment for routine activities eliminates the need for individual assessments for each session. A detailed and comprehensive general risk assessment minimizes future workload. For further information on how to complete this, please refer to the article: Writing Risk Assessments 

Once these are completed, please submit to We will keep them on record and use this in the relevant Development meetings to outline the progress your Student Group has made.

Further Insights and Suggestions Here are additional suggestions to enhance your handover process:

  • Arrange one-on-one meetings or discussions for each committee role, allowing the new appointee to delve into the responsibilities and seek clarification on queries. 
  • Encourage the creation of a Society Development Plan, offering guidance on accomplishing development targets. 
  • Conduct a review of the past year with both committees, encouraging input on areas that necessitate change. 
  • Provide guidance on any key skills or responsibilities such as running a committee meeting, note-taking techniques, etc. 
  • Verify that new committee members possess access to all social media accounts and are adept in using them. 
  • Remind all committee members to purchase their membership during the sale period – failure to do so may result in removal from the committee!
  • Ensure you check your Student Group email. The SU will send key correspondence to there such as training and funding opportunities, booking development meetings etc. 
  • Arrange to meet with the Students Groups team at the SU. We're happy to help and give you a walkthrough around any of our processes if in doubt

If you have any questions or need any guidance on preparing your handover please get in contact at!

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