Societies Grant Fund

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The Students' Union has funding available for Societies to request. You can request funding for a number of activities, including but not limited to:

  • Events
  • Equipment
  • Transport
  • Accommodation during events

Please note that the grant fund cannot be used for the following:

  • Any activities that put your Society or the Students Union at risk of defamation (such as illegal activities, substance abuse, vandalism, etc.)
  • Alcohol related activities
  • Personal benefit

How to Apply for the Societies Grant Fund

1. You will firstly need to carefully plan your event/request, including detailed information of costs breakdown. 

2. You should also provide a Cover letter to support your application summarizing your activity, the costs associated and how it would benefit your members. The Cover Letter doesn't need to be in-depth, but should provide additional context to support your application. The more information you provide us with, the more chance you will have of having your requested amount allocated. 

3. Please consider the Terms & Conditions (listed later) which the Exec will consider when deciding on applications, ensuring your application abides by them for the greatest chance of your application being successful.

4. You must submit your application to for it to be considered in our next Societies Executive Committee meeting 

5. Your application will then be discussed by the Societies Executive Committee and you will be informed of the outcome after the meeting.

Funding Application Guidelines

Here are some Terms and Conditions that should be considered and followed. This is what the Executive committee will take into account when considering applications so failure to follow may result in your application being rejected or your requested amount reduced:

  • Only £500 can be allocated per society
  • You will only be allocated money once for the year, so please ensure you use the application wisely! 
  • The amount you request may not be the funding allocated to your society, so please ensure you have some contingency plans and are not solely reliant on this funding.
  • Funding applications that are part-funded by the society will be looked on more favorably, you shouldn't rely solely on the money from the application to fully fund your event or activity. 
  • The contribution from the society must be reasonable and proportionate to the amount requested from the grant fund.
  • The from needs to be submitted within a reasonable timeframe before the planned activity, when necessary. If you apply for the fund with too short notice to fund your event, this may result in your application being rejected and not enough funding for your event.
  • If the Executive Committee deem the cost breakdown to be inaccurate, they may allocate a reduced amount of funding to the requested amount, or in extreme cases, reject your application.
  • The Executive Committee may ask for further information or a plan of your planned activity/event. This is to ensure the funding is safeguarded and we can have faith that the money is being put to good use.
  • We cannot allocate funding for any of the following activities; Any activities construed to put your Society or the Students' Union at risk if defamation, any Alcohol-related activities, and any activity for personal benefit that would not benefit the society or it's members.

After the event/activity

Please send us some photos and let us know of any other details and successes from your event/activity! We'd love to hear everything about the event so send any photos to or to Ronnie Kowalska SU on socials to be shared!

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