Role and Responsibilities of a Secretary

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The Secretary of a Swansea University student group is responsible for the operational and administrative aspects of the group. This role involves managing paperwork, coordinating meetings, maintaining communication, and ensuring the smooth flow of information within the group and with external stakeholders. 

They should be good at written communication and be very organized person. 

Administrative CoordinationThe Secretary is the operational lead, overseeing administrative tasks essential for the group's functioning. They ensure that necessary paperwork, forms, and documents are properly organized, filed, and accessible for reference. 

Minute Taking - During meetings, the Secretary is responsible for capturing accurate and comprehensive minutes (notes). They record key discussions, decisions, and action items. These minutes serve as a record of the meeting's proceedings and should be sent out to all committee members after the meeting. Minutes are particularly important in disciplinary meetings and general meetings.

Inbox ManagementThe Secretary is often responsible for monitoring the group's email inbox. They should ensure timely responses and liaise with other committee members for answers and information. 

Document PreparationIn addition to meeting minutes, the Secretary may also be responsible for drafting and formatting documents such as agendas, reports, and official communications. They ensure that these documents are clear, concise, and aligned with the group's branding and guidelines. 

Record Keeping - They should maintain organized record-keeping as appropriate. This could include storing important documents, meeting minutes, attendance records, consent forms, complaints and any other relevant materials. Having a well-organized record-keeping system helps with accountability and future reference. 

Membership ManagementThe Secretary should manage the group's membership list. They update lists with new members, ensure they stay up to date and work with the committee to ensure that all members have purchased membership.

Communication and Updates - They send out regular updates, announcements, and important information via email when appropriate. This helps to keep members informed about upcoming events, meetings, and other relevant matters. 

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