Student Group Media Guidelines

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The Students’ Union has developed these media guidelines to help committee members who regularly interact with both traditional and social media understand what is expected of them by the Student Groups Team, the Students’ Union and Swansea University. The Guidelines incorporate all Sports Clubs and Societies, including its membership, committee and any affiliated persons when participating in any activity associated with a Club or Society. These Media Guidelines provides guidelines for student groups to use media platforms in a responsible manner while promoting inclusivity and safeguarding the reputation of both the student groups and the SU. 


Communications mediums to which the policy include, but are not limited to:

  • Print Media
  • Screens
  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Email
  • Chats and Messaging software
  • Other online communication channels


  1. Representing Swansea University Students’ Union: 
    1.  Student Groups' media accounts must clearly state their affiliation with the Students’ Union and include the Union’s logo when appropriate.  
    2.  Content shared should align with the values, goals, and mission of the Union.
    3. When involved in a Swansea University Students’ Union’s affiliated Student Group you represent the Students’ Union therefore you should always act in the best interests of its members.
  2. Inclusivity and Respect: 
    1.  All media content must promote inclusivity, respect, and diversity. Offensive, discriminatory, or harmful language is strictly prohibited.  
    2.  Avoid sharing content that could potentially offend or exclude any individuals or groups. 
  3. Privacy and Consent: 
    1.  Always obtain explicit consent from individuals before posting photos, videos, or personal information about them.  
    2.  Refrain from sharing confidential or sensitive information about individuals, businesses, or organisations without prior authorisation. 
  4. Engagement and Interaction: 
    1.  Encourage positive and constructive interactions with stakeholders. Respond professionally and promptly to comments, messages, and inquiries.  
    2.  Monitor comments and interactions to ensure that discussions remain respectful and appropriate. 
  5. Promotional Content: 
    1.  Student groups can use social media to promote their events, activities, and initiatives.  
    2.  Avoid excessive self-promotion that might overshadow other relevant content. 
    3.  Any printed content on campus must be posted within the designated poster points. This may be removed or posted over at the discretion of the University.
  6. Copyright and Intellectual Property: 
    1.  Respect copyright and intellectual property laws. Only share content that you have the right to use, giving proper credit when necessary.  
    2.  Do not use copyrighted images, videos, or text without proper permission or licensing. 
  7. Confidentiality and Security: 
    1.  Avoid sharing confidential or sensitive information about individuals, organisations, or events without proper authorisation.  
    2.  Ensure that social media accounts are secure, using strong passwords and enabling privacy settings. 
  8. Crisis Communication: 
    1.  In case of emergencies or critical updates, student groups may use social media to provide accurate and timely information to their members.  
    2.  Maintain professionalism and accuracy when sharing crisis-related information. 
  9. Compliance with Platform Policies: 
    1.  Adhere to the terms of use, community guidelines, and policies of the media platforms you utilise.  
    2.  Stay informed about any updates or changes to platform policies that may affect your content. 
  10.  Review and Monitoring: 
    1. Student groups should periodically review and audit their social media content to ensure accuracy, relevance, and compliance with this policy.  
    2.  Responsible committee members should oversee the content posted on social media accounts. 
  11.  Accountability: 
    1. The committee members responsible for managing social media accounts should be accountable for adhering to this policy. 
    2. The SU reserves the right to intervene and provide guidance if any content violates this policy. Any communication deemed to not abide by the Union’s expectations will be deleted, removed or edited and the group or individual(s) may face appropriate action.


By adhering to the guidelines outlined,  Student Groups can maintain a positive online presence, enhance communication, and contribute to a supportive online community while upholding the values of the SU. 


Although this document is a written guidance resource, if any Student Group is found to be completely negligent to this resource and/or is found to have produced any media which has a negative impact on the wellbeing of anyone viewing the offending post; they will be subject to the Student Union Student Groups Disciplinary procedures.


If you are unsure on how to approach a problem on behalf of your Student Group, please come and talk to a member of the Student Groups Team by reaching out to the relevant officer or by emailing

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