Initiation Activities and Behaviours

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Initiation ceremonies or any activity of that nature are not condoned by the SU, Sport Swansea or Swansea University  

An ‘initiation’ includes any activity that could reasonably be perceived as resulting in risk or occurrence of physical or mental detriment to participants. It is an initiation regardless of whether it has been labelled as such by the group, regardless of an individual’s willingness to participate, and regardless of where and when it takes place. 

What are Initiation activities and behaviours? 

Inappropriate or dangerous activities or behaviours associated with 'initiations' include but are not limited to:  

  • Bullying, harassment and power inequality, often used as a means to coerce participation in activities, challenges and other risky behaviours designed to humiliate, often against a person’s will 

  • Consumption of excessive quantities of alcohol 

  • Consumption of abnormal/unpleasant substances 

  • Forced acts of nudity/nakedness 

  • The humiliation of a person in public (i.e. setting someone up to fail) 

  • Isolation or ostracising of individuals through the removal of their mobile phones, geographical remoteness or physical isolation 

  • Physical acts perpetrated against a person’s body (e.g. Shaving their hair) 

  • Psychological torment 

  • Sexual assault 

  • Sexual harassment 

  • Victimisation of a specific group of individuals (e.g. “Freshers”) 


We at Swansea University Sport pride ourselves on being a welcoming, inclusive community. As elected committee members and club members you are required to adhere to, and foster this culture to deliver an outstanding experience for all of your club members. 

Please also be mindful that as representing a Swansea University Club, you are all to abide by our code of conduct, and failure to do so could result in club sanctions such as: removal of committee members, suspension of activity or disbandment of your club. In severe cases personal sanctions will also be imposed such as exclusion from Swansea University and police investigation.  

If you are unsure of any aspect of the content within this article, please reach out to the SU or Sport Swansea who will be more than happy to talk through it in detail with you. 

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